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Love is Pain Nespo


HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY April 21, 2018!

NIC NIC, Our Hearts Will Forever Ache for You! We Love you and miss you so much hugs and kisses for eternity!



You are the air that I breath, Without you How can I live, I think about your beautiful eyes, your Smile and Hugs, and begin to cry, The tears that fall are filled with screams, Like an endless rivers stream, I think about that very last night, When you told me that you felt alright, We left off with a promise that you would go to sleep,I didn't know that it would be forever deep, MY Love, You are my soul...  without you I will never be whole.. love Mommy

I don’t know a moment that I have lived that you did not live with me.

I don’t know a moment that I have cried that you did not cry with me.
I have called you and you came.
I have reached out to you and you were there.
I have shared my worries and you have taken them away.
I have encountered and you came and conquered.
I have written you letters and you  have responded.
I had many questions and you answered them.
I have asked for guidance and you guided.
I have fallen and you picked me up.

I was lost and you showed me the way.
I  let go and you held on tight.

I was in darkness and you were my light.
I searched for the end of life and you showed me that life doesn’t end.


 This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Nicholas Nespolini who was born in Bronx New York on April 21, 1992 and passed away on January 30, 2009. Your life here will always continue as it will continue in HEAVEN Mommy, Daddy Micheal & Angelina and all of us will for eternity LOVE YOU and miss you until we meet again.




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