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Love is Pain THE AIR THAT I BREATH You are the air that I breath, Without you How can I live, I think about your beautiful eyes, your Smile and Hugs, and begin to cry, The tears that fall are filled with screams, Like an endless rivers stream, I think about that very last night, When you told me that you felt alright, We left off with a promise that you would go to sleep,I didn't know that it would be forever deep, MY Love, You are my soul... without you I will never be whole.. love MommyMommy

I don’t know a moment that I have lived that you did not live with me.

I don’t know a moment that I have cried that you did not cry with me.
I have called you and you came.
I have reached out to you and you were there.
I have shared my worries and you have taken them away.
I have encountered and you came and conquered.
I have written you letters and you  have responded.
I had many questions and you answered them.
I have asked for guidance and you guided.
I have fallen and you picked me up.

I was lost and you showed me the way.
I  let go and you held on tight.

I was in darkness and you were my light.
I searched for the end of life and you showed me that life doesn’t end.


 This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Nicholas Nespolini who was born in Bronx New York on April 21, 1992 and passed away on January 30, 2009. Your life here will always continue as it will continue in HEAVEN Mommy, Daddy Micheal & Angelina and all of us will for eternity LOVE YOU and miss you until we meet again.




Latest Memories
Hana Xhudo "Living In the Knowing" October 17, 2021
Mommy Happy 29th Birthday " My 4Ever Love" April 21, 2021
My Soul & Serenity, 
Today is your 29th Birthday. Twenty Nine Years ago @ 5:14pm, I saw your beautiful face and it was that very moment that you gave me hope, and the feeling of infinite unconditional love. That moment you made me into a proud woman and mother. That very moment you took my breathe away and I no longer could breathe without you breathing with me. It was that very moment that you showed me that GOD's Glory was given through the innocence of your eyes and face. 29 Years ago you made me who I am Today and who I will be forever! 
I love you and miss your face and hugs terribly. 
Thank You always my Love for showing me that you are always with me. 
You will forever be my SOUL, SERENITY and SANITY. 
I look forward to that day when we embrace and dance to our tune, " On the Moon"

Mommy The knowing and Yet there is still PAIN! April 1, 2021
My Love, on MARCH 27th, you met Baba again. I prayed that you were amongst the first to greet him. I asked him to hug and Kiss you a thousand times. I believe he heard me my love. I saw he tried .....
My BooBoo, I live in a knowing. A knowing that is undeniably solid, yet It still hurts. It hurts sooo damn much at times its hard ....

The other day I imagined Baba seeing you and hugging & kissing you, although it was sooo peaceful to imagine it also gave me the greatest feeling of sadness and quite frankly got me jealous! I want to hug you and kiss you a thousand times. I miss you my love soooooooo much. 

I thought about how long Bute has waited to be with her only son again and thought I hope her time did not feel like my time. It seems like a thousand years for me. Maybe even longer!  I ache and that never goes away... A long Journey my love!!!!!

My booboo, Baba had a visiter a Man he didnt recognize that waited by his bedside " as he claimed" for almost a week. I hope it was his daddy! Then I also hope it was you! He didnt see you as a grown boy and maybe he didnt recognize you. Either way I know he was greeted by pure love.  I am greatful and thank god Jesus for his love and grace with Baba! 

Today, was Baba Burial. I didnt stay long enough to watch him leave the surface. Its was an end that I did not want to comprehend. A finality that I would rather not draw in my soul. For me, Baba is now off to work in Sync with you and the others while we too work here. To me, he is good and you are even better with your Grandpa there!  Harry came over me and felt quite ashamed for not visiting him for the past couple years. My God, the pain is always sooo fresh!  I needed to visit him today. I gave to him what I have held and he in turn took the weight of all the things I have been carrying.  I miss him sooooo much!!! SO I ask that you please give him an amazing Nicnic Hug and tell him that I love him and thank him for everything he has done here and continued to do for me through my life's journey. I know! TELL HIM THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST BIG BROTHER A LITTLE SISTER COULD HAVE! 

My booboo, you know where my heart and soul has its weakness. AS you know, It is this weakness that  provides me the very essence of strength to thrive.  What will I do without the very weakness that gives me my strength??????

Please ask my Jesus, especially during times when my my heart & soul is screaming , thus becoming muffled to PLEASE BE THERE IN MY TIME OF NEED!  I will always NEED him my love. I will always be in need and there is NO one that can provide the shelter my heart and soul needs with the mercy it requires at all times. PLEASE ALWAYS HOLD MY HAND MY LOVE! 

Please give BABA my love. Tell him I will not see his passing as an end but rather the beginning and ask that HE TOO now Hold my hand when my times of need arise and always because as you know " I am always in NEED". Booboo, Baba doesnt really know how needy I am! haahaha!  Always will be in need of Grace and Mercy and will always always seek it from My Jesus, You, Harry, farije and Now Baba and all of life's parted angels! 

I Love you beyonds words can say. I love you to the moon and back. 
One day soon my love we will be dancing on the moon!!!!~! 
My forever love, you will always be my soul, serenity and sanity!!!
Hana Xhudo Happy Birthday Nicnic April 21, 2020
Happy Birthday Nicnic Teze has been not herself for sometime now & I know you see me bc I see you when I smell your Curve or get a glimpse you passing by. Have the greatest Birthday Party you ever had & let me know by thunder lightening you hear me.

I love you & miss you too...Teze
Mommy MY Forever Love - do not send March 27, 2020
Hey My Sunshine and World.

Its been a very long while since I have visited here. I didnt stop because I stopped aching and missing you. I was in the Desert My Love. A desert that seemed like it bore no end. I am still somewhat in the desert, but I am nearing my way out. It was hard but feeling you and getting your messages " in crazy ways at times' as helped me through this place. 
My love, you know where my heart and soul was this New Years Eve. You know. I know that you did know because you gave me the message and answered my cries. Thank You. I will forever hold it true to me.  My love,  I cant give you all the credit because in doing so I will take from My Jesus what is his and his only. So with that,  I will thank you for showing me that you have always remained with me and by my side. I ached and felt the depths of sadness for a long time now. Without you and your love I could not have made it. You have given me reason to stay afloat even when I am at my worst. Thank you my sunshine. 

I do not know if you feel the same distance in time. I hope you do not because time here has become an enemy for me. It is 11 years my love. Soon you will become 28 years old without me. I am without you here in physical form and you without me there. I hope we are destined to be as one again when I come home. 

My love , a few weeks ago, as I was sitting in the car watching the water down the block, I felt a feeling come over me. A feeling that I can not desribe with words came over me and made me feel like my spirit had fallen ( a complete surrender/ calming). My shoulders dropped and whatever feeling of  living weight I had just fell off of me. I felt a calming. A falling . I felt the need to close my eyes. As soon as I closed my eyes. I saw my Jesus. My love, I saw him clearly. I could describe the very detail of his face, hair, eyes, chin. He kissed my left cheek. When he kissed it, I truly felt it. I opened my eyes gasping in tears with thanking him. They were thankful tears, they were why me tears as well. I have been asking that within my heart of hearts. Why me. I am soooo broken and sooo lost.
Why was I graced to even lay my eyes ( closed eyes) on my Jesus. Why did he Kiss my cheek my love. I have been thinking about it since then. I question myself and whether I am supposed to do something for him. My love I love him immensely. You know I always did, even when you were here. But I love him even more now after you went home to him.

Is it fair to say that I LOVE HIM MORE NOW for LOVING YOU. I dont know how to explain  what I feel except to say that what I feel is the Truth of the knowing that he is the VERY reason why you are home, in peace, pure love, harmony and Bliss. He is holding you; the heart of my heart. He holds the very part of my soul that made me whole. He is sharing his divine love with you.

My love I feel him and his love. I feel what I believe is the love you feel. During my time in what I call the Desert, I had experienced the most unbearable sadness. During this time, when I reached the depths opf sadness and loneliness,  this overwhelming feeling of home and love had come over me. SO much so that I had become tempted to go home. I was driving on a bridge and while at a stop I looked at  the briges edge. I had a feeling of " yes" at the thought of jumping, but immediately that feeling of love, and home quickly engulfed me and what was a feeling of " yes" for the edge of that bridge became " no" from/for the love of my Jesus. He has been burdened by my chronic needs I know. I am sorry that I am sooooo needy. I dont know that I will ever be whole if I am not within him, with him, and he with ME ALWAYS. 

My love, I belive today more than yesterday that I can do anything so long as My Jesus is always holding my hand. Iask that he never never let me go. AS having known my heart you and My Jesus will know the depths of where my heart goes. Walks with me and along side of me,. So long as he continues to shed his light on all those who he wishes for me to see on the surface and from within. I believe that he is my direct source of perseverence, strength and is the foundation of my passion. I will reamin loyal to him becasue I love him and appreciate his undivided 

I have always told you that you are the other hald of my soul. So when you are being loved, I feel the love. How can I not Love my Jesus more. My Jesus knows my heart and with that I think he will understand that I love him because he is the ONLY True Friend who has given me a world filled with knowledge and knowing. He has given me a split moment experience that will take the balance of this life to ponder on and reciporcate. 
Latest Condolences
ashlee <3 April 23, 2018
Yesterday was your birthday, and as always I was overwhelmed with emotions. I came home after work to see white balloons on your front steps after hours of thinking of you, and I just felt like you were there. I miss you Nick, I always will. I hope your birthday was beautiful. I lit your candles down here on earth, and prayed that you would share some time with me throughout your day. And I feel like you really did. Even 9 years later, I can't help but talk to you. You are the kind of soul that people yearn to find. A friend that everyone wishes they had. And I got the chance to call you my best friend, and I feel blessed for that. Thank you for always being amazing you.

I love you Nick. Happy Brithday. Una Due Tu Shum <3  
Ashlee <3 Happy Birthday April 21, 2017
I made it 10 minutes after waking up without crying today. Then I saw your picture, and the feelings rush back up through me. I thank God always that I got to have you in my life. And sometimes there aren't many words that can convey the way we feel, but I hope your birthday is beautiful in Heaven and thank you for always being exactly what I needed. I love you Nick. une due tu shum. 
Ashlee <3 <3 March 28, 2017
You came home in my dreams last night <3 thank you.

une due tu shum 
ashlee <3 April 21, 2016
Happy Birthday Nick <3

I feel kind of wierd today. I've felt wierd all week. I haven't felt you and it's making me feel absent within myself. I just dont feel very present. I have seen how beautiful it is outside and I'm wondering if thats you shining through. I've been thinking about a lot.  I pictured how beautiful Heaven must be if Earth holds such beauty. And I've been thinking how it must have gotten even more beautiful when you got your wings. How for each person Heaven must look so much more beautiful and comforting as more and more of their loved ones grow their wings. I think thats pretty amazing, because eventually you realize that home, is where  your heart is. And when you love, little pieces of your heart get to travel with those people that you love. And one day, all of those pieces get to meet again and become whole. 

It's Luna's birthday as well. I  feel like shes the present you sent to me.  It's great because her birthday makes me go out and enjoy the day, and remember you.

Sometimes, depite the amount of people around me, I feel alone. There this beautiful poem, called "Footprints In The Sand" and the last line makes me think of you when I don't feel you. "It was then that I carried you" 

I hope you knock on my window soon. I miss you Nick.

Enjoy your birthday <3 Una Due Tu Shum 

P.S. I travel with you in my pockets, so I hope that you have loved the countries we've vistited. 
Ashlee <3 Happy Birthday My Angel April 22, 2015
Hey Nick, 

I miss you. I thought just maybe that I could come to this page and hold myself together to not cry. Of course, that did not happen. Your mass last night was beautiful, as always. I love you Nick, and I miss you, and that will never change. I just wanted to thank you for being in my life. I know no matter how many years pass, you are always there. You were more than a friend to me, you were my family, and you still are. Come knocking at my window if you get a chance, I'll be happy to hear from you! Une due tu shum. Forever and always, my angel. Happy Birthday Nick. 

<3 ashlee 
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