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Nic Nic Nespo - L-Block
Angela March 20, 2009

Nick, Everyday without you feels like forever! I would give the world just to have you back for one day ,so i could tell you how much i love you ,and how much we all nedd you with us. There's not enough words in the dictionary to express how much love i have for you! It's hard for me to wake up knowing you wont be with us. They say time is supposed to dull away the pain, but everyday without you gets harder and harder. I wake up with a stabbing pain in my heart. Iv never cried like this befor in my life, i wanna scream out for you! As every day passes i miss you more and more. I miss your smile that would light up the room, your hugs that would leave me breathless, the way you would laugh at all the dumb shit i used to say aahha, ur smell, and the way your deep comferting voice would worm me on the coldest days. There is no wat to discribe how much i miss you!!

I miss the way i used to run and jump into your arms when ever i saw you, and the way i used to look up to you. literlly look up at you, you were so tall lol. you would call me ur lil smiget because you were 5 times my size. when ever you would hold me i felt so small , as if i was goinq to get lost in your arms. What i would give to get lost in your arms one last time! You were and always be the tughest kid i know. You stud up for everything that was right and immportant to you. You told me if i ever had a problem you would be the first to come running. When ever i was sad or upset about somthing you found away to make it disappear. There will always be a special place in my heart for you, that place grows as the days pass by. Rest In Peace nicky ill aways have love for you no matter what, and you will never be forgotten<3


i'll always love you<3


alexxx March 19, 2009
image nickkkk, this is so hard for meeee. i loved you so much. & reading what your mom saidd, how you liked to argue withh mee, made me laugh l0l. its true thoughh we did argueeee but we always made each other know we loved eachother at the end. i rememberr screaming at each other outside my house, "nickk i lovee youu and you know i would do anything for you so im going to try and get your ipod back" and you said ," i knoww alexx you knoww i love you too but if i dont get my ipod back im going to kill someone". l0l nickk you never let me down. you were the greatest person i have ever met. you werent like those assholes out theree. you actually really cared and thats why im so happpy to call you my best friennd. i need you right now to give me the strength to carry on. i go on each day and try and pretend that im not hurtt  but honestly inside i really am nickk. it hurts so baddddddddd. all those nightss we chyllled i thinkk i asked you for a hug every 10 minutes cause holdingg you felt so goood. i loved your huggssss. i loved your advice. i always tried helping you with your problems but when your mad it was hard trying to  calm you down haha. i remember the day in the summer when you were the ONLY one who stopped when i was throwing up and stood there with mee. you were the only one who cared. and got us lost in the woods ! haha that was so bad. you were like i know where im going and i kept tellign you we are lost but you didnt wannt to hear that haha. and carrying you up stadium wasnt easyy eitherr haha. you were sooo happpy when i came with you to get your tattooo and you were in love with it. all you kept saying was omg look at it isnt it beautifull. l0l yes it was nickk. the only thing i didnt get was the "love kills" i never understood why you would get that. but now i do. and nick honestly i never really liked her, thats why i never got close with her. but i knew you liked her so i was nice. but looked what happened now. she let you down. & everyone else. she made me lose my best friend. & everyday it kills me & i wish she suffers everydayy of her life cause thats what i have to do. omg nickk rememberr when we me, you, angelina and scott were on the phone till like 5 or 6 in the morningg and we went to the diner after that. my mom thought i was crazy haha. then angelina had to leave and us 3 went back to your houseee and i love that video of you dancing in my hooodie its greatt. i cant even say thats my favorite memory of you cause i love every memoryy i have of you. i can go on and on with all of our memories. but i can never ever explain in words what you meant to me. i know your still here with me cause i can feel you. & i never want you to leave. it does help going to your house & talking to your mom. i love being with your mom, dad, mikeyy & your family. nickk, mikey is so much like you. he loves you so much. & i chose this picture of you cause i tell your mom all the time that i absolutely love those pictures of you. i l0ve youuu nickk & i miss you soo muchhhhhh<3
Faliesha March 7, 2009



I miss youu soo much, they say as time goes on everythings supposed to get better; but thats a lie because as time goes by everything just keeps getting worse. You not being here with all of us hurts so much, ii just wish you were still here with us. I miss everything about you, ii miss your laugh, your smile, your hugs, your wisdom, your strength, just everything about you. You were the toughest kid, with the toughest look with the biggest heart. You cared about everyone, and when someone was sad; lonely; or just depressed you knew it right away and made it your buisness to make them smile. I cant believe that such a good kid with the greatest heart could be taken away from all of us. Im gonna miss not spending this summer with you, because the last summer was the best. We chilled with eachother almost everyday. Im gonna miss the shyt that could have came, the time we could have shared, more memories that could have been made. We all miss you bro, and we will hold it done for you. I miss you but I no have the greatest angel ever, and when I look up at the sky and see how beautiful it is, I know its because your up there. I love you and miss you bestfriend/brother .. and the place in my heart that youu filled will never be replaced, ill always hold that spot for you. And when my day comes, my heart will be filled again because Ill get to be with you forever.


Love always, Faliesha.

Mom March 2, 2009

I remember how passionately you spoke about all of your friends. You would say to me " Mom, be proud of me if I died helping one of my friends.. I love them" and I would say, I would be proud, so long as you left me my popcorn trail... so I can find my way ..... you know the rest.

Cordero - Your other brother, The love ran so deep for you Cord.... He was always worried about you... always talked about you... you were and remain to be his little brother... HE LOVES YOU ALWAYS.


Scott- Your other brother and partner in crime... haha... you had to see how angry he was when he found out you were in the hospital in Queens... he wanted to kill the world that day....


Angelo- He stepped up.. like a big brother would.. That what he said to me... you always had his back.. and he never and will never forget that.


Phil- your house was his second house... he was so angry at those girls who stole from you... He knows now that you know the truth now.. he was almost in tears with anger... He knew then that she did not have the same morals as him.....


Demi- You was and remain to be his Sister..

you loved her so much... you always told me that you would never let anything happen to her or Gio... and so you didn't... You died with the scar of your love for her...and I am Proud of you


Jenn Derasmo- You loved her so much too.... You spent alot of time at her house and always made sure she was ok and happy.


Jenn dorman- You were his First Love... He never stopped loving you....


JAY- He knew he could count on you to talk to ... He loved you


Little Jenny: I remember him telling me that he loved you and that he always worried about you..


Angela- He knew that you would be good for his brother Cordero..


Alex: He loved to argue with you and loved to be around you too... He loved you


Frankie: Oh my God, you drove him crazy... But he loved you alot..


CODY: CODY, You were his Buddy, He always said to me that you were a friend that he could talk to who would set his priorities straight...He always told me that he knew you would be successful in life.. I believe that you will be....


Pork Chop: you are permanently branded by Nick, What a name.. Pork chop but it fits you. HaHa


Margie: You and Him shared a lot of days and nights cuddled together, even in his bathtub... HE LOVED YOU SO MUCH!!


NICOLE: The love doesnt have to be spoken of... He loved you and would always be there for you... I remember when he went to help you... His response to me was " mom, i needed to help her... he had tears in his eyes and said mom, they would have left her there... I thought she was going to die... He Loved you!




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