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Angelo Madio TO EVERYONE March 3, 2009

There is nothing i can really say that will make anything better, but i could talk about how an amazing kid Nick really was. He was the type of kid that would be there for anybody if he felt it was right, weather someone had known him for a day or a life time, you can sence the positive vibe when he was around you.


If i can use one word to decribe Nick, i would have to say that word is  "HIMSELF". No matter who he was around or what he was doing, he was always himself, he would never act differently in front of certain people, or change the way he was. He was true to himself.


Nick was a one of a kind person...funny, sensitive, out-going, honest, tough, and stood up for what he believed in, and a great brother...You not going to come across alot of people in life, who are such a good person as nick was.


I really hope this helps people know how great of a person Nick is. We all miss him.







Ana Nicky, Tuna @ Mikey March 1, 2009

Nicky, Tuna & Michael


Words of comfort is never enough, support will never ease the pain,

buying a websit won't bring him back.


All I can say to you is that this is how I will keep him alive in this life and this is how i get to talk to him in my own way. i will not say i know your pain but i feel it as if he was my own son. saying Sorry will never cut it, or subside your thoughts, heart and soul. The pain of not breathing i can see it in all three of you. The pain that you all three are enduring is there i can feel it when i walk in the room.

I cannot say i will know your pain but just know this I am feeling it because I love Nic nic the way I love Ajdar i feel this pain inside me as if a bulldozer smashed into my chest and it dont let me breath, sometimes i feel my lungs and heart ready to explode.


When I look a Michael i see into his eyes and they are empty and lost, he does not know where to turn but hoping he will see his brother again.


 You and Nicky I see the sorrow, pain, and loss on your faces that I feel helpless and it angers me that I cannot do anything or take your pain away.


I love you all and I know this is not going to ease your pain....Ana


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