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Ana Nicky, Tuna @ Mikey March 1, 2009

Nicky, Tuna & Michael


Words of comfort is never enough, support will never ease the pain,

buying a websit won't bring him back.


All I can say to you is that this is how I will keep him alive in this life and this is how i get to talk to him in my own way. i will not say i know your pain but i feel it as if he was my own son. saying Sorry will never cut it, or subside your thoughts, heart and soul. The pain of not breathing i can see it in all three of you. The pain that you all three are enduring is there i can feel it when i walk in the room.

I cannot say i will know your pain but just know this I am feeling it because I love Nic nic the way I love Ajdar i feel this pain inside me as if a bulldozer smashed into my chest and it dont let me breath, sometimes i feel my lungs and heart ready to explode.


When I look a Michael i see into his eyes and they are empty and lost, he does not know where to turn but hoping he will see his brother again.


 You and Nicky I see the sorrow, pain, and loss on your faces that I feel helpless and it angers me that I cannot do anything or take your pain away.


I love you all and I know this is not going to ease your pain....Ana


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