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ashlee ily June 5, 2010
Nick, its my birthday! &although I'm glad I'm finally 17 I wish you were here to celebrate with me. I'm going to breakfast w the family then dinner with the friends, I wish you could be there. I remember on my 14th birthday it was in my yard and you showed up late on purpose to make an entrance lol(: wow I miss you I hope you join me tonight I'd love for you to be there with me(: iloveyou nick! Forever in my heart <3
ashlee i need you now<3 May 31, 2010
nick,i dont know where to cousin passed today. my family is in tears, &though the fear of loosing him is gone, because we lost him, nick i still have fear in my heart for my mother. shes shaking and crying and i fear she cant handle this. &honestly i dont want her to have to. i feel this pain in my heart that i felt so similar on january 30, 2009. &this pain in my heart, i dont know how to rid of it, and hthe first person i would run to, i look around and i dont see him, i dont see you... &not one person in this world can say the right things like you would to make all this disapear. i need your hugs so badly right now nick. between your arms is the absolute only place i want to be right now. im asking you please, please let me wake up to you tonight. i need you now... and these are the many of times, but now at its peak, when i want to just close my eyes and open them to everything that would be in my fairytale, you, me, my family friends, &my cousin, far away from anything that could cause pain. &now everyone turns to me to block the pain and heal it, &i dont know how to, when i need you to do the same for me. please stay with me tonight, please hold and love me, please dont leave me iloveyou
ashlee May 20, 2010
Nick! I'm getting ready for prom I'm so excited! I wish you would have been here nick, we would of been celebrating together, I know you'll be there in spirit. I'd like to let you know that I love you so much, &i hope your by my side tonight celebrating with us. I love you nick forever. Ill put up a picture next time so you could see how I looked tonight. Ilove you w all of my heart, wishing you were her, knowing you will be. <3
ashlee May 13, 2010
Hey nick so I just got home &realized that I need to get on track. I need to get back to doing well in school I need to find something to be my passion. I gave up my passions & I need a new one a sort of drive to just be me. &i know what's pushing me now,realizing no matter what I do for anyone no one but me can love or treat me the way I do so to everyone. I just thought I should tell you, that I'm ready to find everything for me. I love you. Goodnight. See you in my dreams. <3
ashlee nick May 11, 2010
I miss you, a lot. I always do, but usually when I think of you I smile because I'm amazed I had a such a good best friend, but today tears fall down because I miss you, &no one is like you, not to me, there will never be someone like you, your special. You know I try really hard to please everyone, to make everyone smile, to make sure everyones happy, but when my smile isn't on my face anymore, no one trys to bring it back. The only person who did despite everything, is out of my sight and out of my ability to hold. I honestly need my best friend. Today I felt so stressed &only when I told the few I trust they knew, but you would have know without me saying a word. You could have the cure with a single word or hug, because it was sincere to the fullest. I miss you nick. & I need you. I want your hugs. It actually astonishes me how I went from me knowing I always had someone there for me despite my ocd, to not having someone there even when they haven't seen that side. Just give me a dream of you, a feeling, a scent, anything, because I need to know your here. I hope you know I love you &always will &forever you will be my best friend, an angel from the start. I love you. Goodnight
Cousin Melissa Mother's Day May 9, 2010
Hey My Handsome Cousin,

Mother's Day must be bitter sweet for your beautiful Mommy.  She still has two babies here to brag over, but you are in heaven.  My daughter Nicole has this favorite song that when I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes. I guess because she is my baby and being she brought it to my attention, when I hear it in stores or where ever, it makes me want to cry.  I'm not sure why it does, but I guess it is because it reminds me of my her.  I can only imagine when a song comes on that you really liked that your Mom may hear how she would react.  So many emotions can burst out... Pride, sadness, anger, love.  Pride that you had such good taste in music.  Sadness because she wishes that she could tell you that she heard it.  Anger because you are not here for her to either tell you, or knowing that you will never hear it on this earth again--or the biggest emotion she feels.. LOVE.  Love can make you cry, laugh, or even punch someone.  God I wish you were with your Mommy so she could take that "song" out on your ass!!

I got to meet your sister Angelina this past Sunday.  Oh my God Nic Nic, she is your clone.  She looks just like you.  She even has our lazy Nespolini eye!  She has a wonderful personality and is such a happy baby.  Angelina Nikki will keep your Mommy occupied during those days that she may find too difficult to bear otherwise.  She could NEVER take your place, but it's going to be fun to watch her grow and make comparison's as to how she is growing up to be like you.

I still wish I could have known you.  We come from a family that really wasn't close.  I will always love you and thank you for finally aiding in bringing me closer to our family, including your Father--and especially for me getting to meet and know your wonderful, loving Mother.

I love you Nic Nic.


ashlee May 4, 2010
Hey nick, I'm just laying down &i feel a little sad right now I need my best friend I'm talking to you, but I don't hear your voice, the voice that always gave me adive, I don't feel your hugs, the ones I need, that no ones can ever compare to! I miss you everyday nick, but times when I just lay down with pain already in my heart I miss you even more, if that's even possible. When I tell you your advice and your hugs were absolutely amazing and completely fuffiling I'm telling you the honest truth I miss you, yesterday was angelinas baptism which I'm sure you knew but she looked absolutely beautiful it was really nice everything from the service to the lunch. I love her very much &im glad I got to go yesterday. I love being around your family, they're all very loving people and remind me a bit of you. I feel safe and a bit more loved (: well I just wanted to tell you I love you! I miss you! &for some reason yesterday I felt like I felt you, I hope it was you, ill be waiting I love you goodnight
ashlee April 28, 2010
Hey (: I'm at lunch right now &i just wanted to tell you I miss you because I'm honestly missing you right now I love you with all my heart <3 how I wish you were here right now I can't believe this even after a year and such has passed, iloveyou &missyou nick always and forever, don't forget about me don't leave me iloveyou <3
ashlee April 28, 2010
<3 hey nick, its about 1130 and I'm about to go to sleep. I just wanted to stop by &tell you iloveyou. I bought my prom dress its so nice I wish you could see it. I remember my first prom you ran up to the villa barone &took pictures with me (: I still have those ilovethem we look so little lol(: oh I really wish you could take prom pictures &everything again:( well I really just wanted to stop by to remind you I love you, for always (: I really do &i know your still my best friend, my brother, &most of all guardian angel because I feel I'm not alone(: thankyou iloveyou goodnight <3
Robb miss you cuzz April 26, 2010

happy birthdayy brooo your finally 18 but i wish you were in the neighborhood so we could celebrate your birthdayy by poppen some botttles lol

i still drink and party and i pray for you and your family and lil brotherr. the next time i party im a do it big with alot of girls with you right by my sidee

i miss you cuzz

may your so rest in peace nick "NEsPO" nespolini =\



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