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Odessa Birthday wishes April 21, 2010

18 today NicNic. I always think and feel how unfair it is. You were a beautiful being here on earth and now in heaven. A blessing to your family, friends and anyone that met you. You were smart, caring, young, handsome, and so much more. I will never forget you, ever. Love you.


Youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever ..


Forever young. Happy 18th birthday NicNic.

ashlee April 21, 2010
Goodmorning nick, happy birthday! So I was holding up ok &as always remembering you &i was smiling because it still amazes me I got to have a best friend like you in my life, one of a kind, an angel from the start. But now I shed some tears because I miss you &that won't change. I woke up around 420 today &ive been up since. I look out my window &its beautiful out, I see your room right accross &on days like this staying up talking to you was great, I can't wait till mikey &angelina can do it. As always you will be in my heart &mind all day. I wish you could be here to celebrate your birthday with us, I know you would of made a party out of it, a good time, as you always did. I send all my love and birthday wishes for you &im going down to make your bustelo as we speak. I hope you enjoy all the love we send &hear all our birthday wishes for you. Imissyou & Iloveyou! For always and forever! Love always ashlee ♡
mom 2 Waylon Kitchens Birthday Blessings April 20, 2010
                       Happy Birthday hope your day is special
ashlee April 19, 2010
Hey nick, its about 2am, &on a night like any other you don't slip my mind, but I wake up today wishing I woke up to the pitter patter of rocks against my window. In simplest terms possible, I miss my best friend. I had a nightmare, &i think my worst nightmare could be someone trying to keep my best friend away from me. I don't want to go back to sleep nick, I want to open my eyes &see the beautiful face that was connected to an amazing soul. I miss your hugs, I miss our talks, &despite the number of times I say it, I miss you waking me up from my window. Now I look out &i can see your room from here, I sit in the spot I'd talk to you from my window &the amount of tears that fall from my eyes leave me breathless. Do you remember when we planned to tie a rope between the distance of our rooms to bring stuff back &forth?(: I do. Oh how I wish I could just close my eyes &open them &youd be there just talking to me like if the year that's passed had cease to exist. There's still not a day that goes by that I don't think about you or miss you, &there never will be, because I never want a day to go by without talking to you, or remembering you. Although remembering you might bring tears to me it also doesn't allow me to forget how amazing of a person and a friend you were to me. I honestly can sit here &say I see you as a brother, I call mickey my brother &angelina my little sister &mom &dad as my second parents. They're all amazing, &i see where you got it from. I have to tell you, I'm going to prom w cody this year, I realized its your prom too. I wish you could be there, but I'm sure you'll be there in the hearts of everyone including myself. I also want to tell you, I've been really happy, I finally found myself again, &people that make me happy &idont have to try around them, they just make me feel good for who I am. &i have to believe that you had part in it because for so long I prayed to you everynight with streams of tears down my eyes hoping to be happy again, &you always were the best at making me happy. I have to tell you that everyword I write to you makes me feel a little better, a little less alone. Your birthdays this wednesday, (&so is lunas), I wish you were here I trully do. Don't forget that I love you! Don't forget that I always will! Don't forget that I miss you &need you! Don't forget, ill never forget you... Iloveyou nick always &forever love always ashlee alyse leon<3
Cousin Melissa On This Day April 2, 2010
Hey Nic,

I believe today is your birthday.  You would have been 18.  I'm sure that this day is painful for your parents, especially your Mother.  It's beautiful outside, just like you.  I like to think that you asked God to make this day as pretty as it is, so your Mom can visit you and do what she needs to do.  I will never know the kind of pain she is feeling today and every single day for the rest of her life.  If I had one wish, it would be to bring you back to her.  Please give your Mommy a big kiss from me OK? 

Aunt Mare You February 26, 2010
You are the light of my life, the vision of serenity. You see what I see, hear what I hear, hope what I hope, You believe in me as I believe in you. You define love, happiness, heaven and beauty. The key to my heart is the locket of your soul. The beat of your heart against the depths of my ears is the sound of music. The openness of your mind shows the color of my eyes. The pattern of our movements is like the beauty of a sunset. You...
Alana Love February 21, 2010

Dont think of him as gone away.

His journey's just begun.

Life holds so many facets, this earth is only one.

Just think of him as resting from the sorrow and the tears

In a place of warmth and confort, where there are no days and years.

Think how he must be wishing that we could know today,

How nothing but our sadness can really pass away. 

And think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched,

For nothing loved is ever lost and he was loved so much.

Melissa Nespo-Williams For Nic Nic January 29, 2010
Nic Nic,

Tomorrow is your one year anniversary in heaven.  Another painful day for your family and especially your Mommy.  Although I don't know her very well, I feel that we share a common bond.  We are Mothers who would do anything for our children.  I know that she would give her own life to bring you back.  I think of her and you every single day.  I wish I could have known you as a person and not just an image.  I'm sure that you were everything your Mother says you were.  Kind, gentle, loving, and always looking out for everyone and their well being.  My daughter, (your Cousin) Sarah told me that she had a dream about you the other night. She said that she saw you and your image was vivid. You introduced yourself to her, she said she could still hear the sound of your voice inside her head and she will never forget it.  She believes that you really came to her and so do I.  Your Cousin Nikki still has  the shirt with your picture on it that we got from your party back in April up on her wall.  She said that she never wants to take it down for you are her Guardian Angel now. 

Your sister Angelina is beautiful. She really does look just like you.  I'm sure that you already know that being you're looking over her, and part of you lives through her.  She will help your Mom to get through the years to come.  She and Mikey give her a reason to live, and a purpose in this strange world. 

I love you.  Please stay close to your Mommy tomorrow.  She is going to need to know that you are there with her. 

Cousin Melissa
EDDIE 'PORSCH' FRIEND December 30, 2009
ashlee alysee Love you Nic Nic December 29, 2009

nickk i havent wrote to you in a while but you know i havent forgotten you! i speak toyou every night wishing and hoping to see you again or hear those rocks against my window. i could say it in a thousandwords but the simplest are that i love u and i missu!! no ore waking up at 3am to hear the daiy rocks or screams of ASHLEEEEEE! the bustelo in the morningg ahh btw i make u ur cup now andthen still. christmas just passed an it wasnt the same . i remmber how many bottles of xmas aeropastle clogne i bought u. nick i missu . i bough mommy and daddy pjs forxmass. mickeyy some awesome toys. and angelinaher first bear n braclet. i misss u nick so much and everyone says time heals all wounds but i dnt think it can heal this one. i loveu and ull always have a p[lacein my heart .merry christmas. dont startle me but please stop by to say hi idlove to hear my 3am routine again iloveuuuuu mima (sheepe) wanted to say she loves u and she alwys thinks about u even though u know that. i miss my hugs please stop b im not letting u go. iloveu for always and always is forevr ashlee alyse leon. we miss u! (btw john marcus ommy And daddy miss u n send their love too!)

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