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Teze Happy New Year Nicnic December 30, 2013
Nicnic Happy New Year bud! its been so long since I laid eyes on you feels like forever. The time seems to stand still no metter how mch time passes.CryCry I long to hug you and kiss your face, I long to hear your laughter and whisper in my ear, I long to see you run up nena's stairs and call me Tez, I long for you period!!

So on this 2014 have a wonderful New Year with Harry, Farije, Bute, Grandpa, Maryanne, Don, Lefter, Nana, Fati & Jaji I know they are all looking out for you and watching over you and protecting you. Show them what New Years is all about. CryCry

My eyes tear every single day because there are things that I see remind me of you or I hear a song, or I see someone walk it reminds me what would have been!! That alone rips my heart out and tears my soul.
Nicnic theres nothing in this world that cannot tell me that I don't feel you as if your my kid; the love is just as strong as I love Ajdar. I just wish GOD could of granted me that day I would of taken your place and you and Ajdar could of had the chance to go to Nijitsu. Ajdar mentions that everytime we speak about you. How I hear your voice when you called me asking when he will be home it repeats in my head so much! I ache for you my boy in the mirror. But for the meantime have a wonderful New Year kiss everyone for me and one day soon we will hang again and I will not let you go! We can bother everyone then together LOL!!

Love you so much hugs and kisses forever!! Teze
PS I have a little girl that left me years ago I named her Xhenet watch out for her ok!
Mommy Merry Xmas My Forever Love~ December 26, 2013

I don’t know of a moment that I have lived that you did not live with me.

I don’t know of a moment that I have cried that you did not cry with me.

I have called you and you came.

I have reached out to you and you were there.

I have shared my worries and you have taken them away.

I have encountered and you came and conquered.

I have written you letters and you responded.

I had many questions and you answered them

I have asked for guidance and you guided.

I have fallen and you came to pick me up

I was lost and you showed me the way

I had let go and you held on tight

I was in darkness and you became my light.

I searched for the end of life and you showed me that life doesn’t end.

My forever love, you have taught me everything that I am today. You had always promised me that you carry me with you wherever you go. MY Love you have held to your promise. I am selfish when it comes to you, so, I will ask that you continue to carry me. I wouldn’t be able to do this life without your promise and love.

I am soooo Grateful to Jesus my love, for giving me such a blessing. You were right when you said “ when you had me god blessed you, But god blessed me with you”.  I love you with my soul, my entire being. I will always be proud ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS… Stay shining and promise me that you will be there waiting for me, promise me that we will dance and that we will NEVER part from each other again. A moment without you is an eternity with Pain.




Veneta An unforgettable memory December 19, 2013
Hi Nic Nic...I am your cousin Veneta.. we never met physically, you know we have an unforgettable memory at your house, and  this is the day when i first came in your home. November 2013...Teze Hana always talked about you,and i can't stop my tears from falling. I wanted so much to see you, to talk with you, so when i first came in your house to take care of your sister Angelina, i saw your pictures, and i cried, but this time those tears were not tears of sadness. I was happy because i met you, i felt your presence. You were there, I was happy to see your pictures. I will never forget that day,and that feeling which i can not explain. But you know, some feelings are not to be explained. Your mother, and everybody who knows you, are proud of you. Im proud of you too, and i am so happy that destiny bring me here.

I love you Nic Nic..I really do!
Teze Merry Christmas Nicnic 2013 December 10, 2013
Nicnic Merry Christmas miss you so much you have no idea. Theres not a split second that your not on my mind. I just wonder where you go, who you visit, who you bother. I wish you were here with us, it really hurts that your not here. My heart is always in its own sorrow of missing you. My soul greives everyday that goes by that my eyes don't see you, or touch you. Tears flow like endless waterfall in silence no one heres me or do I share except with you and God. Cry
I keep believeing that its just a dream so when I do wake up I will get to see you and hug you.

Tell Harry, Farije, Bute, Don, Maryann, Grandpa, and everyone else that we all know & love I said Merry Christmas, please give Harry a huge hug because I miss our talks and his hugs that I need when I feel so alone with my thoughts and feelings.Cry

Nicnic theres not enough words that can express on how I feel missing you; all I know that my soul, and heart shakes and it feels like I don't feel the ground beneath feet.
I haven't felt grounded since you left and I hope one day I wake up and realize its was just a dream.

For now in this dream I am writing to you to tell you I love you so much with a huge bear hug from me to always Teze!
Teze Happy Thanksgiving Nicnic teze Loves You! November 27, 2013
Nicnic Happy Thanksgiving show Heaven the Nicnic way of having Thanksgiving.
Also, tell Harry, Farije, Bute, Nandia, Maryanne, Don, Grandpa, Medi, Stephen, Lefter, Nana & Jaji Happy Thanksgiving for me.

Nicnic there are days that I search in my heart, soul and dreams to find a way to bring you home to us. I look up to the heavens hoping I can see you so I can reach up to  you and bring you home. I know you come by at times, I smell you in the passing, or sometimes in my dreams; but how much I look to grab you when I feel you near me to keep you here with us. There are times I see a blurr and I wish it was a secret passage to walk through where you are just grab you and bring you back to us. I wonder sometimes in these thoughts just so I can feel you, hear your laugh that is so contagious and my GOD your sister is sounding like you so much and Mikey everyday is looking more like you. Even though no one can be my Nicnic Bina is Bina and Mikey is Mikey but my Nicnic is one of a kind. I miss you so much I wish and pray to see and feel you here with us.

I know you passing by or kiss my face or come in my dreams is GOD's only way to hear, see and feel you. But for some reason I feel there is a passage here on earth that we don't see that we can walk through and see, feel and hear you!

I miss looking into your eyes when your telling me a story or how your feeling at that moment miss that so much. Time passes and it feels like its standing still but yet too much time has gone by not actually feeling your arms hugging me back, or your whisper in my ear, or your laugh louder than life, or joking with mommy and daddy or compalining Mikey is getting on your nerves. I miss your voice so much Nicnic I miss you calling me Tez.

One day soon I will see you again and when I do I am not letting you go and we can go and hang by Ajdar, mommy, daddy, Mikey & Bina and make sure we protect them, and sometimes send them some jokes so they know its us LOL.

I Love you, Miss you so much Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with everyone that we all know and love...Teze
Mommy MY JESUS June 27, 2013
My Jesus,

I reflect on every single cell of life and its happenings now. I see what I could have never imagined seeing. I hear what I sometimes rule out as unrealistic...I smell the gifts that often come by as a token of love.. I feel what not many have been born to feel..

I have fallen and you have lifted me up... You have given me the ability to reflect, see, hear, smell and feel even after falling to a place that no other should bear.

You held me up and carried me through the darkest of the darkest place and you remain to be the sole force that keeps me standing.

You have held my hand through all of my trials., you did so even when my heart was filled with the most darkest thoughts. You have held me in your arms (as heavy as I am) and nurtured me back to a place where I can learn the lessons of this life with a smile on my face even though the lessons came with the pain so deep within my heart.

I have cried to you and you have washed away my tears.
I was on the path of darkness and you lit up that path to the light of your love.
I thought of only persecution and you taught me redemption.
I remained steadfast towards destruction and YOU remained steadfast as my savior and very best friend. 

MY Jesus, I can not thank you enough for your undivided, unequivocal friendship and love.  
You have answered me in ways that others couldnt imagine.

My Jesus, I am needy and the foremost need I have is you., Please hold my hand through all of life's paths and never let go even when I appear to go astray. You are my driving force, because of you " I am"..

With the deepest love
Teze Happy 21st Birthday Nicnic April 11, 2013
Happy Birthday Nicnic , I can't believe you are going to be 21 years old.  Cry My eyes won't see what a man you grew into but I know that you are Jesus's and everyone's perfect angel. Cry Nicnic I wish I can hug you on your birthday I would do anything just for everyone to have you here even if its just for that one day. Especially for mom dad Mikey and Bina. I just wish God could grant me that wish just so mommy and daddy could have you again. I love you so much and I miss you so much it hurts my soul to no end. I pray mother Mary has you under her wing until I get there then I take over. Nicnic I am sorry I am cring but I want you here with us.
I know you will throw a party like no other and party with everyone and all heaven will shake with thunder of joy and happiness of your 21st Birthday. Sparks will come down on us just as you blow your candles. Nicnic save me a seat I want to be there for your Birthday, will you be waiting for me at the door ? I hope you are because I will love to see those eyes looking back at me. So my sweet boy in the mirror I love you so much need to hug you on your birthday. Until we that one day have a wonderful 21st Birthday heaven has ever seen. Teze loves you so much and misses you to no end...hugs and kisses my bud... Love always Teze!
Mommy Dedication Song to Nicnic from his friend January 30, 2013
Teze Happy New Year 2013 - Dec 20 2012 December 27, 2012

Just a few days away and I know you are going to make Heaven rock and make sparks fly through the universe of Heaven. Nicnic I wish I can trade places with you so you can be here with mom, daddy, Mikey & Bina. I love you so much and miss you so much need to hug you and kiss your face, most of all smack your neck lol like I always did. Innocent Bring sparks and light over your house for mommy, daddy, Mikey & Bina so they know your there. Nicnic you have no idea how I just want to reach out to heaven and pull you back to us. Sounds rediculous however; nothing is impossible  I hope I can because it will the best thing I would do on earth to bring you back home to us. Have a great New Year in Heaven and if you have time go to mom, dad, mikey & bina let them know you came you more then words can explain, until we meet again Teze!

Mommy Merry Christmas My Love~ December 23, 2012
My love, My life, My everything~ I dont have to wish you a merry christmas because I know you are enjoying what we can only imagine exists, so I will only say dont enjoy too much without me. You know how passionate I am about missing a moment( just Kidding)...Take every second of heaven and consume it for both you and me.
When you were a baby, it was I who taught you how to walk. When you were growing up into a lil man, It was I who taught you how to be distinguished with your beuatiful personality. You grew into a young man and then you spread your wings and began to teach me lessons that I could not or would not have learned otherwise.
Every waking moment of my life I am taught by you. You showed me how to breathe and live after you left my world.. You showed me how to see life even after death. You showed me what others can only dream of... You, who I taught to walk, walks with me and teaches me how to live every second through everyday. You show me what I need to see and guide me where I am needed. You teach me different things every day. 

My baby stays awake while I am sleeping., hugs me when I am sinking, kisses me when I am forsaking,
You have never left my side....  you find the way to show me the light, you hold my hand and tug at me hard
when you see that Im falling apart. I thought I had it hard teaching you how to walk! Im a handful., I know!

My Love, You are me and I am you... Without you I would not be here~ Please stay with me until we are fully together again. I need you to always tug me hard... Keep me on par... Do not want to lose my way.... I am here for a reason., although not sure what it could be at this point... but nonetheless, I am here..

I think its because I talk to Jesus tooo much. Booboo, I have begun to renegotiate with Jesus. I have offered some quiet time to him. I dont think he is buying it!
Hopefully, one day,  not too far out into the future he will find a space for me somewhere real real close to his heart and yours. I dont want to be a molecule away from neither of you ever again. I plan on kidnapping the both of you, wrapping you up into this little ball so that I can store you in my heart & soul.....When that day comes., Im going to bring a band of music players myself... I am going to prepare the fireworks myself, I am going to play the harp myself toooo... when I come home.. I am coming with much to say and much to do. I have a lot of thoughts and dreams that I need to fulfill with you and of course with my Jesus! 

First things First, I want to see Jesus. I want to take his hand and put it on my face and just look into his eyes and thank him from the depths of my being for his prevalence in my life, for his love and for never letting me down. For being here with me during my time of need. For just being who he is. Then I want My Jesus to take my hand and guide me to you.( My love, I dont know if you could feel the pain in my soul for you. I ache, every waking moment to see your face, to touch your face... To kiss your face)There, I will take my hands and place them on your face, and grasp onto the very moments of the feel of your skin.,Kiss your face and savor the feeling of your face on my lips...look into your eyes and never let go of the feelings my soul felt whenever I looked at you. There I will wrap my arms around you and finally scream..... So whats a little noise from a known noisy girl anyway! I will try to let it out with a little acapella Celine Dion style if at all possible... Or maybe in my case... a Soprano version of Barry White...I will try not to startle Heavens Angels... Im gonna lite up Heavens Gates with excitement !

Its not a dream., Its a knowing of my way. I will keep holding onto to the day when we will be together again. I love you with every cell of my being. You will always be me and I you... We are one together at heart and soul.

Please stay with me until I am with you in heaven. I know its selfish... but i cant do this life without you~

Give my Jesus a huge huge hug and kiss from me. Tell him, I will behave!
Give Mother a double hug and kiss from me. Tell her I will never forget her pain. What I have learned in this life will carry with me eternally.
Give Harry & Farije a huge hug and kiss from me. Tell them both , I miss them terribly. Tell them I said Thank you!
Give Granny buta a kiss from me. Ask her if she knew that I got her the ring. Miss her too much.
Give Grandpa Johnny and Papa a kiss from me. Tell them both I love them. Tell Papa, I heard his mouth noise!
GIVE Aunt Maryanne a Huge, huge , Kiss from me. Kiss her and hug her again. Tell her I said I am sorry that I didnt make it in time to just lay with her and hug her at life. I should have listened to my instincts. Im Sorry and I love you Maryanne.
Now, take Mr. Levy (don) and give him a huge bear hug. Tell him that I said Im gonna kick him in the chin when I see him. I still didnt finish my song. give him a huge kiss on both cheeks., tell him I said thank you for taking me out of my shell. through him god did his work. Why? Im not sure! But he did! Tell him I miss him Terribly too...
Give Mark a kiss from me. Tell him what happened to Niagra Falls! I never went anyway.... Tell him I love him toooo !
Now have them all give you a hug and kiss from me too.

My forever love, the heart of my heart, the reason why I am.... I love you and wish you a very very happy, joy filled celebration for our Jesus birth. Dance and Sing and play your guitar on christmas day. Celebrate Life and love in a way that we can only imagine. One last request., I need you to Stop by so that I can celebrate too. ... I love you and will always be proud of you!
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